October 9, 2013

What a Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


The Republican Party of Kentucky LOL’d and OMG’d the launch of the new state health insurance exchange because its website briefly crashed the first day — an understandable glitch considering the horde of thousands of desperate, uninsured Kentuckians flocking there looking for affordable coverage. Once Kynect becomes wildly popular and conservative misinformation is exposed as the real glitch, expect those GOP-LOLs to cease.


Sen. Mitch McConnell’s attorney made oral arguments before the Supreme Court Tuesday in the McCutcheon vs. FEC case, advocating an end to all campaign contribution limits. One might compare McConnell’s action to putting down a sick dog, as American democracy suffers its slow painful death drifting into the deep sleep of oligarchy. Perhaps McConnell’s a real Tea Partier after all, returning America to its roots of rich white guys running the show without commoners getting in the way.


It was another brutal week in the free capitalist market’s War on Coal in Kentucky, as LG&E announced the future construction of natural gas and solar-powered stations in western Kentucky, and a coal-fired unit retiring in eastern Kentucky. However, Kentucky politicians will continue to pretend that coal will magically recover if you elect them, so the industry still has that going for it.


Even though the government makes it as difficult as possible for a low-income woman to terminate an unintended pregnancy in Kentucky, cuts at the state and federal level are now making it even harder for the same women to raise their children. Cuts to childcare tax credits in Kentucky have led to a 19-percent decrease in families supported by the program, because once you’re out of the womb in the bluegrass, it’s time to pull on those bootstraps.

World-classness: +4