September 18, 2013

What A Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center has evicted Billy Twymon and Devon Turley a week after the local artists spoke to LEO about the venue’s request they remove works featuring female nudity, sex and religious subject matter from the building’s hallway gallery. The only thing worse than a little censorship: a lot of censorship. Shame on Mellwood, though we appreciate they called us one of Louisville’s most prestigious media publications.


A new poll released last week shows Alison Lundergan Grimes ahead of Mitch McConnell 46-40 percent, which should officially end the talk of McConnell assuredly winning re-election in a landslide next fall. Of course, this assumes Mitch avoids a Tea Party purge at the hands of Matt Bevin in next May’s GOP primary, which Democrats may actually wind up fearing if more polls like this emerge.


An urban forester from the U.S. Forest Service visited Louisville this week to speak to Metro officials about the benefits of tree ordinances. Mayor Greg Fischer has said he wants a comprehensive — that’s code for expensive — tree canopy analysis before enacting one, a step the expert says is unnecessary. Hopefully the rising heat index hasn’t fried everyone’s brains and they realize it’s time to stop delaying this viable, duh, solution to a growing environmental problem.


Ark Encounter, the proposed giant boat in Grant County with dinosaurs and dragons on it, has been mired in fundraising woes, but they are expressing new hope thanks to Obamacare. Ark mastermind Ken Ham says their new funding mechanism will rely on a bond offered by the city of Williamstown, because otherwise Obamacare would have forced them to finance their employees’ abortions. It makes no sense whatsoever, but THANKS A LOT, OBAMA.

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