November 28, 2012

What A Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Sen. McConnell railed against the “naked power grab” of Democrats’ unprecedented attempt to implement filibuster reform by a majority vote. Unprecedented, if you don’t count McConnell’s own effort to do just that seven years ago, back when he was in the majority and before he initiated a truly unprecedented 385 filibusters while in the minority. And Mitch still thinks people should believe anything he says.


Former McMahan Fire Chief Paul Barth was sentenced to over three years in federal prison last week and ordered to repay the nearly $200,000 he embezzled from the WHAS Crusade for Children. Barth claimed he did not have enough money to pay this back, though he sold his Florida condo for $472,500 in September and bought a new home last month with $266,500 in cash, doing so to “secure the safety of his family.” The safety of the kids with cancer he stole from was presumably less important.


Papa John Schnatter moonwalked away from his boast that his company would cut back workers’ hours in order to avoid giving employees health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, saying the media distorted his words. Schnatter’s PR catastrophe faces the ire of not just liberals, but the Tea Party brethren now angered by the Romney fundraiser’s sudden words of support for Obamacare. The mocking of Big Papa? That will continue.


The fact that Louisville basketball lost to universally loathed Duke on Saturday was bad, but the gloom of defeat paled in comparison to the announcement that Cards center and overall superhuman Gorgui Dieng will be out four-to-six weeks due to a broken wrist. As fans whined and wallowed, however, Gorgui put it all in perspective, saying, “There are people out there with HIV/AIDS, people dying every day.”

World-classness: -15