November 7, 2012

What A Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


The Kentucky Kingdom Redevelopment Co. announced that the state’s Finance and Administration Cabinet will meet with the group to ask questions about their proposal to reopen Louisville’s abandoned amusement park. While those discussions will remain secret — along with whether or not Ed Hart submitted the only proposal — you’re still free to speculate on what issues the Beshear administration will have with Hart this time.


We’re printing this before the polls closed yesterday, but no matter what the outcome of the election was, you can all now join in bipartisan celebration of one glorious outcome: no more campaign ads! Yes, no more ads about Chris Thieneman stealing from kids with cancer, Perry Clark getting high, Obama handing out welfare checks or Romney singing “America the Beautiful.” Let our hearts rejoice at the return of ads pitching payday loans and boner pills.


Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin’s attorney, Aubrey Williams, revealed that taxpayers have already paid him close to $50,000 in legal fees — at $150 an hour — to defend Shanklin in her ongoing ethics trial, even though his initial contract limited his pay to no more than $25,000. An amendment to the contract allowed the additional payments to Williams, and possibly additional training in furniture upholstery and cake decoration.


Howard Fineman of The Huffington Post let it slip on Sunday that “Kentucky moneymen” are trying to convince a surprise Democratic challenger to run against Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2014: Ashley Judd. We’ve been hearing the same thing — not from “moneymen” — and saw a certain former Louisville mayor chatting up Fineman for quite some time at the vice presidential debate, so add that to your delicious speculation.

World-classness: +12