October 24, 2012

What A Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Since reinstating the puzzling practice of killing people to demonstrate that killing is wrong, Kentucky has overturned 60 percent of death sentences due to serious errors or judicial misconduct. There’s also the fact that African-Americans make up 12 percent of the U.S. population but represent 42 percent of death row prisoners. Seeing this system for what it is (flawed, ineffective, barbaric), the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights passed a resolution urging state lawmakers and the governor to repeal the death penalty. Your move, guys.


President Obama dominated the final presidential debate, despite the soul of recently departed George McGovern inhabiting the body of Mitt Romney, who morphed into a hippy peacenik for the viewing public. Romney’s foreign policy advisers — neoconservative alumni of the George W. Bush administration — hope Americans are fooled, but must admire Obama’s drone attacks and kill list.


The Boy Scouts may staunchly defend their ban on gays, but damn it, they have no problem harboring child molesters. The Oregon Supreme Court recently opened nearly 15,000 pages of secret documents dubbed “the perversion files,” which detail how the Boy Scouts covered up hundreds of instances of sex abuse by scout leaders in the ’60s and ’70s. Dozens of accusations have ties to Kentucky and Indiana. Taking a cue from the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts often never reported abuse to authorities, leaving children vulnerable. Immoral and homophobic? Nice.


Ed Hart’s company submitted to the state a proposal to invest $50 million into reopening Kentucky Kingdom, with $70 million more invested in future years, saying the park would create thousands of jobs and huge economic benefits for Louisville and the state. However, the Beshear administration will not reveal any more information on the RFP process, including whether anyone else submitted a response, until a final decision is made. You trust them, right?

World-classness: +1