November 14, 2012

What a Week — Nov. 14, 2012

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


The financial future of the KFC Yum! Center looks a little less bleak since the big-spending, under-achieving Kentucky State Fair Board relinquished control. Now under the management of Los Angeles-based AEG, the Yum! Center is projected to make nearly $1.2 million this fiscal year. For further proof that things are looking up, the facility recently hosted three hours of nonstop rock ’n’ roll badassery courtesy of The Boss, as well as a night of song and dance from some little guy called Biebs.


Leading up to last week’s election, Louisville-based pizza mogul John Schnatter warned that Obamacare could result in customers paying 10-14 cents more per pizza pie, a travesty indeed. Now he’s sounding the alarm again, this time saying franchises are likely to cut employees’ hours to avoid having to offer health insurance. “That’s what I call a lose-lose,” Schnatter says. Well, Papa, one might say the same about you and your average pizza.


It was fun while it lasted: The previously undefeated U of L football team lost to Syracuse on Saturday, forcing them out of the top-10 and dashing their hopes for a national championship. Coach Strong blames himself for over-emphasizing the importance of last week’s match-up: “I should have just approached this game like any other game, but I kept saying ‘championship game, this is the game we got to go win’ … and maybe our players weren’t ready for that.” And that’s why Charlie Strong is pure class.


Since President Obama was granted four more years of socialist destruction in America, citizens from 20 states — including Kentucky and Indiana, duh — have signed petitions asking to secede. Of course, secession is not legal, otherwise Louisville would have separated from the backwards bluegrass long ago.

World-classness: -5