Summary of My Discontent

Going post-postal

Now that America’s appliances are out on the front porch and the car is up on cinderblocks, it’s becoming routine for our most cherished institutions to call in sick and spend the

Yep, I’m Gay

Fairness, phase one

I have relatively few pet peeves. I’m just that great.

Fables of the Deconstruction

Kiss on my list

Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday ever foisted upon the natural human (except maybe Christmas).


Diogenes shrugged

I might just stop paying my taxes.

Raised Relief

The Boss and The Man

An open letter.

Dear Mr. Springsteen,

Summary of My Discontent

Present-traumatic stress

In the sandwich shop, the woman — pretty, rumpled, with two young children in tow — looks dazed.

The Church Hoppers

Extreme Makeover: God edition

Since last summer, your Church Hoppers have visited nine houses of worship. And each one gave the Man Upstairs a slightly different look.

Yep, I’m Gay

The queer patriot

I now have a winter hat that says “I (heart) Obama America.”

Keeping Up with the Jones

What sci-fi teaches us

I recently saw a preview for the new “Star Trek” movie coming out in May. I’m juiced! I thought everybody was.


Editor’s Note

LEO’s change mantra

When creative director Britany Baker came to LEO Weekly a little over a year ago, she brought along a bag of substantive, if a little controversial, ideas: The paper looked crappy and needed