Ghosts of coaches past

I wasn’t sad to see Billy Gillispie go. Frankly, I would have given him a lift to the airport.

Raised Relief

Here’s to mixed company

Last Saturday my already pleasant holiday was made complete by a few simple songs.

Editor’s Note

For which I am thankful

I am sitting outside Heine Brothers Coffee Shop, watching the cars chug along Bardstown Road, trying to make a list.

Don't Ask, I'm Telling

Queer query

That’s queer.

You are a queer.

Queer pride.

Queer theory.

Q Bar. (The “Q” does not stand for quesadilla.)

Fables of the Deconstruction

It’s all over now, baby blue

American popular music has long advised that “Life is but a dream” (“Row Row Row Your Boat”) and that “Nothing is real” (“Strawberry Fields Forever”)

Summary of My Discontent

CDC bulletin: Swine Flu and You

As winter approaches, cases of the H1N1 virus are expected to increase.

Editor’s Note

A trip down the river

The first call came from a person in the know.

Fables of the Deconstruction

‘Welcome to Costco, I love you’

To: Faceless multi-national conglomerates

From: Faceless Consumer #7348-3c

Subject: Please stop trying to sell me things. Please.


Piggish behavior all around

You say you’ve heard the story about three little pigs?

Not this one.

Keeping Up with the Jones

I am not Superman

Someone told me that I should write something lighthearted and happy this month. Lighthearted? Happy? Mean old me? OK, I’ll try.