Louisville's Long Love Affair with BEER

 The only thing better than getting to write a book about beer is getting to write a book about beer while actually drinking beer. So, that’s how I spent my spring this year.


Deadbeat TV

“Deadbeat — Kentuckiana Child Support Court,” a local reality TV program, takes viewers inside Jefferson County Child Support Court, where they watch cases presided over by Judges Delahanty and Williams. Airing nightly at 7 p.m. on WBNA-21, the program has some questioning the boundary between “on-the-record” and exploitative court proceedings.

Ashley Smith and Donovan Miles dated for five years, but the two began to grow apart after the birth of their now 7-year-old son.


The Bourbon Patriot

Celebrating Repeal Day

Every Dec.


Generosity, Distilled - Heaven Hill

Parker's Heritage and ALS

Heaven Hill, founded in 1934, is the largest family-owned spirits-producer in the nation, and the second largest holder of Kentucky bourbon in the world.


Generosity, Distilled - Makers Mark

 In June, 2013, Maker’s Mark employee and Bourbon Ambassador Jane Connor Bowie attended Volare Ristorante’s monthly charity night.

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Letters to the Editor

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Eat Your Bourbon

“Slow.  Small.  Simple.”  That’s the slogan of Chef Matt Jamie’s Bourbon Barrel Foods in Butchertown.


Bourbon Proof: Just Add Water

Before the bourbon you drink is ever put in a bottle, it is cut with a tall pour of water to put the fire out of the firewater. Except when it’s not. 


Generosity, Distilled - Angels Envy


 In 2013, more than 18 million 9-liter cases of bourbon and Tennessee whiskey were sold in the United States (that’s a 19.6 percent increase since 2008), resulting in $2.4 billion in rev

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Letters to the Editor

Bill Stone and Right to Work

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