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Downard unfurls plan for the futureMayor Abramson is only good for pep rallies and press conferences. His administration is paralyzed by bureaucracy and focused too heavily on the Watterson-bound pre-merger City of Louisville. His administration is glad to take post-merger revenue from the old county but has yet to provide basic services like trash pickup and street cleaning currently available within the Urban Service District (the old city) to the old county constituency.

On with the show

When the business titans start dabbling in things like film, the temptation is to roll your eyes and mutter something about dilettantism … But the subjects of this week’s cover story, Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford, may outrun that kind of insider cynicism, if their two-year-old film company comes anywhere near their vision for it. Rick Redding’s got the story about how two guys who’ve left quite a mark in Louisville turned into film producers. —Cary Stemle, editor

City Strobe: Cleaning up the dirty, dirty air, Part I

At least the sirens sounded this time. A spill just after 11 p.m. Monday night at Rubbertown’s Carbide Industries produced a cloud of toxic vapor over Bells Lane, the breadth of which an official with the company was unsure of Tuesday morning. Frank Sizemore, manager of engineering for the company — which has been at 4400 Bells Lane since November 2002 — said the cloud dissipated when the liquid spill was contained and cleaned up.

New wave, old hand: Could maestro Mester’s return signal a renaissance for the Louisville Orchestra?

If there is one Louisville organization way overdue for a run of good luck, it’s the Louisville Orchestra. Beaten up and bogged down by financial woes and dwindling attendance — and virtually leaderless for the past two seasons — the orchestra has to be first in line to finally find a four-leaf clover.And maybe it has.

Staff Picks

<ANNIVERSARY>Aug. 2-5Phoenix Hill Tavern turns 30    We won’t belabor the phreaking point, except to say it is unusual for a nightclub to live for 30 years with the same name, under the same (local) ownership. But Phoenix Hill Tavern has done it, and this week the place that started out so humbly in 1976 has a phull schedule of phun and phrivolity to celebrate its life so phar.

Rumor & Innuendo: Rumblings From the World of Sports

Heard it on the X. There is a slight chance that U of L’s exhibition games in Canada will be available on the radio. The school is working on it. There’s a slimmer possibility that the tilts might be televised. But don’t be setting your TIVO just yet.

City Hall 2.0: Abramson pulled the arena deal out of the fire, but it wasn’t politics as usual

It was a scene most unusual.There was the mayor, coiffed and polished as usual, on his knees tussling with an exposed wire that was shorting out the microphone he was using to bring to order an 11 a.m. press conference in the stately Mayors’ Gallery downtown.

Rumor & Innuendo

The Brohm factor.
Yet another source advised this week that there is more concern in the locker room about the sturdiness of the Cardinal QB’s knee than is being admitted publicly.


Anne Shelby crumbles a multi-grain cracker with both hands over a blue porcelain plate, wondering aloud why people react with such pained reproach to calls for banishing mountaintop removal mining, that particularly destructive way of mining coal that relies heavily on machinery, not miners.

Rumor & Innuendo :Rumblings From the World of Sports

Optimism with an asterisk. Folks on the inside and others close to U of L’s football program advise there’s a cautious optimism about the upcoming season. Despite an apparently speedier-than-expected recovery, Brian Brohm’s condition is the biggest possible gotcha. There’s anxiety over whether the marvelously talented Mario Urrutia is ready to become the go-to guy. And if he isn’t, who among the receiving core can and will step up? The hope for the other side of the ball is that the secondary will finally match its promise, something it’s done only in spurts during the program’s rejuvenation under Petrino.