LEON: Consumer trends post-Ebola breakout

A newly released study shows that Americans have picked up two new habits since the Ebola breakout — gambling and Klonopin — while travel spending has seen a significant decline. <


Joee Conroy wins the Internet

Tristan Conroy is a senior at Centre College.


Houndmouth’s hustle

A psychedelic accident, how they’re surviving the folk revival scene, why they passed on Nashville and another secret show

Last Thursday, in the heart of NuLu, Katie Toupin — keyboardist and one of the three singers of the local Americana band Houndmouth — was running on five hours of sleep, scrambling to m


Coop to Table

With backyard gardens and clucking hens, the urban farmer’s homegrown dining lifestyle is less about plate presentation than it is about rich flavors, simplicity, and the satisfaction of a br


Seminole opportunity

So do you think Louisville can beat Florida State? Yeah, same here. Don’t know.


LEON: Teacher resigns over gay scare

 Last week, a teacher at a local Catholic school resigned after being threatened by administration officials to take a 21-day leave of absence. Sam Jones, a former third grade teacher at St.

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Letters to the Editor

LEO Weekly welcomes letters that are brief (350 words max) and thoughtful. 


Q&A with 'The Return of the Living Dead' production designer William Stout

If there is one person other than Dan O’Bannon who was as involved in the majority of creative processes that led to the making of “The Return of the Living Dead,” it is William S


LEON: ‘Need the Weed,’ but don’t get high on your own supply

After months of investigation, officials attribute Tumbleweed’s rent issues to the truth behind the restaurant chain’s slogan.