A little empathy from a post-primary D9 survivor

It was a freezing cold and gray Saturday morning in February 2014. I was trekking through the hills of Clifton Heights, trying not to fall and break my neck on the slick, ice-covered roads.

Midterm elections for dummies

As a recovering political junkie (having seen the sausage made at the highest levels, I have pretty much accepted the futility and meaninglessness of the entire endeavor), I find it funny how littl


Charter schools nourish the best and brightest who cannot afford private education

Campaign season is fully upon us. In our annual election ritual, some of our politicians have renewed their cry that they are “for education.” Really? Who is against education?


Future of Kentucky charter schools to be decided Nov. 4

Every once in a while, voters can make proactive decisions with absolute certainty of what the consequences of an election will be.


LEON: McConnell accuses Obamacare of sexually violating hospitals

During Monday’s Senate candidate debate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell leveled a new accusation against Obamacare.

KET debacle was a foreplay fail, but get in the mood unless you want to get...

The good news is, the election is almost here. The finish line looms.

Inbox - October 22, 2014

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Charter schools don't need an ad campaign, they need regulation

This time of year, while classroom teachers and administrators in public schools are busy welcoming students back to a new school year and figuring out how they’re going to cope with devastat

Inbox - October 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor

LEO Weekly welcomes letters that are brief (350 words max) and thoughtful. 


LEON: McConnell ‘not a smoker’ but credits second-hand smoke for his position on tobacco

In the most extensive and wide-ranging media interview of his 30-year congressional career, U.S.