Fergie: A Tribute to Steve Ferguson

Wayne Young

Before NRBQ co-founders Terry Adams and Steve Ferguson actually met, Adams heard Ferguson playing “Eight Miles High.” “He wasn’t just copying the record,” Adams recall


Canto Secondo

Il Sogno Del Marinaio

The newest in a long line of excellent, if eccentric, projects by legendary bassist Mike Watt, Il Sogno Del Marinaio defies any easy characterization.


Definitely Now

Liam Bailey
(Flying Buddha/Sony)

The blues, especially as it intersects with rock music, is a well-mined vein. How do you get something fresh out of a genre so well tread?


Tut Tut

The Filipino Snares

Living out of town for a bit about a decade now gone, I had an objective, sociological comparison between my fair city and anywhere else.



The Foxery
Spartan Records

The World According to The Foxery 


Ancestors Tale

Ut Gret

Forsooth, before D’Arkestra brightened the scene, yea, even before Liberation Prophecy foretold things to come, there dwelt a tribe of Grets.


Thirty Spokes

Thirty Spokes

With the release of their self-titled album, Thirty Spokes proves adept at their craft befitting a working band with four albums under their belt.


Ballad of Jon

Jonathan Glen Wood

 As a member of Old Baby, Sexy Minotaur, Jaye Jayle, and the duo Lowe & Sutherland, it was hard to imagine what to expect with Jonathan Glenn Wood’s debut solo effort.


My Friends Are Better than Yours

Hemi Hardaway

Douchebag rap has been a thing for years now, often by emcees who are capable of putting together solidly built, well-delivered packages, but much like a 3am bar pickup, you feel guilty, dirty, and

CD-Talk Spring.jpg

Talk of Spring EP

Talk of Spring

Goddammit. I wish “emo” would have had the sense to die a dignified death sometime around the late-’90s.