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If there is any constant thread throughout the course of all Wu-Tang-related albums — and make no doubt, the Wu-Tang run this show — it’s their uncanny ability to remain self-referential, building on their ever-looming mythology. Perhaps more salient here is the skill of each rapper herein (I’m looking at you, Ghostface) to weave comedic raps into otherwise morally heinous rhyme schemes. Like some of the newer Wu-fare, Wu-Block deftly delivers crime-themed hip-hop laid over slickly produced beats, and this is no different. The D-Block contingent of this album scans as the counterpoint to the grittiness of the Wu, as tracks like “Take Notice” feature an almost Ja Rule-like hook. Wu-Block offers exactly what you would expect from this pairing of smooth, almost J Dilla- or Pete Rock-style beats, with witty but dirty lyrics serving as the narrative.