Peace Sign/Frown Face

Giving Up
With one voice akin to the warden’s in “Superjail!” and the other a female drawl, the vocal duo of Giving Up whip up androgynous, bitter post-rock. The song titles on Peace Sign/Frown Face stumble and morph into each other, from “Blue Green Grey” to the creeping guitar and organ jigs of “Ghosts” and “Glue Green Glitter.” Giving Up are at their most charming in “Moldwater,” which represents the stark lives of the lonely in an emotional, lo-fi ballad; it’s a dense slab of bummer that’s both dismal and strangely sweet, and naturally gives way to the playful nostalgia, soured by divorce, of “Parent’s Records.” While Giving Up’s vocal style may seem underdeveloped, you’ll soon realize that their lack of polish fits the sound perfectly.


By estefanmarsham
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