Honeymoon Babies

Honeymoon Babies

Louisville needs a yacht rock band. Some type of Phil Collins, Ambrosia, Michael McDonald group that you can go to Captain’s Quarters to hear, pay $8 for a weak drink while wearing white shorts, imagining what life would have been like to live like Michael J. Fox’s character from “The Secret of My Success.” If only Honeymoon Babies could have been that band. As it is, the group more closely favors Don Henley’s solo output without the singles. Frontman Jay Goldstein has fronted several local bands over the years while the rhythm section is moonlighting here, forming the bulk of Ultratone. “Surrender” is the highlight here, with Goldstein affecting a late-era Dylan growl. The bulkily titled “World War Across the Front Page” gives me hope for my shoulder-draped sweatshirt dreams, a nearly eight-minute opus replete with muted sax and gratuitous soloing. This, fellas, this … Bruce Hornsby would be proud, as am I.

honeymoon babies

By julia
Hey Damien, Not sure how old you are. Not sure at first what you were trying to say. I really like this music and yes I have heard Jay Goldstein through the years, being a local music fan and in music (sold radio forever) most of my life. Yacht Rock? OK, had a conversation about that as well. A couple of bands or so came up. But Jay's music doesn't fit into that genre or what a group of us came up with anyway. So we read your review again and decided that maybe you actually liked it! Influences will always be apart of music and I hear bruce, hiatt, waits and dylan influences but most importantly it's his music and I like it a lot. Hope you come to the show!! Yours truly,

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