Art: Louisville’s eleven

Zephyr Gallery presents 11 of our finest local artists

If you are looking to become more familiar with local artists, the group show “RHQRDWBWTHR” at Zephyr Gallery is a great place to start.


Art: So many exhibits, so little time

Land of Tomorrow offers up ‘Seven Exhibitions’ by local and regional artists

“Seven Exhibitions” is now on view at Land of Tomorrow gallery, and I’ve only got 700 words.


Art: Racing art

A Derby roundup

The Kentucky Derby is surrounded by tradition, so much so that many festivities repeat year after year.


Art: How long gone

Photo exhibit shows a glimpse of Kentucky between 1935 and 1943

A good photograph can stand the test of time.


Art: When community and art collide

Smoketown Social Club hits the streets for positive change

When I went to meet artist-in-residence C. Ryan Patterson at St.


Art: The intersection of art and radio

ART+FM debuts its 24/7 programming

By definition, visual art is creativity that is seen. But some visual artists make work that is heard and not seen. Confused yet?


Art: Art, nature and the in-between

Exploring the origins of ‘GEN’

For someone who is energized by artwork rife with contemporary art references, there is big-city excitement in stopping by an exhibition space and finding conceptually strong work.


Art: The breakfast club

Weekly artist troupe serves up the ‘Breakfast Group Show’

“Oatmeal, please.” “Morning Muffin and coffee.” “I’ll have the Breakfast Special.” These food orders at The Café are shouted over six tables of conv


Art: Journey with the Gingerblack Man

Donté K. Hayes’ exhibit strives for the American Dream

Donté K. Hayes’ exhibit at Garner Narrative is storytelling at its best: It is colorful and engaging, each piece’s name its own layer, indecipherable from the painting.


Art: History distorted

Daniel Pfalzgraf depicts 9/11 hijackers in new exhibit

We all know the names Timothy McVeigh and Adam Lanza, but how many of us can name the 9/11 hijackers?