Art: Meditative space for The Healing Place

Miya Ando in Louisville

Last fall, as the darker hours of the day stretched longer and longer, Miya Ando started making weeklong trips from her Brooklyn home to The Healing Place, an alcoholism and addiction recovery faci


Art: Not all is transparent in Debra Clem’s world

'Transparency' exhibit opens Friday

Look up “transparent” in the dictionary, and it always comes back to light — admitting the passage of light, permitting light to pass through, etc.

Art: News Bits

The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft ( will host the Annual Artist Potluck Dinner on Thursday,

art-water-tower-Boris-Zakic-Figure and Flat Field.jpg

Art: Louisville artists score big at ‘Water Tower Regional’

Pat yourself on the back, Louisville — you done good.


Art: Say hello to the Kentucky School of Art

I have to admit this one almost slipped by me.

Art News

The Speed Art Museum’s ( “Brown-Forman Art After Dark: Fleur de Lis” is Friday, Feb.


Art: 'Unearthing the Divine’ one painting at a time

The inspiration for Gibbs Rounsavall’s “Unearth the Divine” exhibit at the Green Building Gallery lies 600 feet underground and thousands of miles away from the two buildings in d


Art: Behold the mega church

New exhibit at The 930 explores this American phenomenon

Louisville has its fair share of nicknames — River City, Falls City, Derby City, Aliville ... the list goes on.


Art: Fanning the flame

Mark Payton’s passion is playing with fire

You have to love what you do when getting burned is part of your daily activity.

Art: News Bits

Carlos Gamez de Francisco is the 2009-2010 “Dreammakers” artist-in-residence at the Muhammad Ali Center (