‘Ritual & Residue: The Art of Drink’

On my way to the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft to see “Ritual & Residue: The Art of Drink,” I heard “Raise Your Glass” by Pink on the radio.


CULTURE: IdeaFestival capital, creativity and glamour for art-loving folks

For art-loving folks, the IdeaFestival has become our Kentucky Derby, with anticipation building up all year. What international artists are coming to speak this year? What art will we see?


ART: 'Preaching to the Converted' by Bill Pusztai

I am not a Roman Catholic but I have friends who are.


Some of our favorite artist...

This qualifies as one of the longest exhibition titles ever: “Some of our favorites artists who are current & former gallery/studio directors who are producing absolutely FABULOUS art!&rd


Profile: Potter Patrick Rademaker

The wheel spins. Sprinkles of water and clay residue spray off as potter Patrick Rademaker molds a shapeless piece of clay into a pot, plate, mug, bowl or any sort of creation he can think up.


Profile: Ceramicist and 
textile artist 
Elmer Lucille Allen

Sometimes I think just getting off the sofa qualifies as an Olympic event.


Profile: Artist Anessa Arehart

Some may say there is a wide gap between being a well-mannered lady or gentleman and living out among the wildlife. Georgetown-born artist Anessa Arehart is proof that the two can coexist.


What Does Louisville’s Visual Art Community Want?

When it was announced back in April that Aaron Yarmuth was buying LEO Weekly, I received a few queries about our future plans.


Art: An artisanal afterlife

Exhibit brings the art of taxidermy back to life

Once you’ve embraced the craftsmanship behind artisan pickles, hand-stitched leather bike satchels and exquisitely waxed handlebar mustaches, you have to admit you’re just one bite of h


Art: Chicken soup for the artistic soul

Andy Abbott’s global perspective influences his art