Comedy: Black with a vengeance

Lewis Black might be one of the most recognizable faces in comedy these days, whether for roles in movies like “Accepted” or “Man of the Year,” or his recurring appearances


Comedy: Jim Breuer is on the road again

Jim Breuer is back.


Comedy: Dave Attell — On the wagon yet still on the edge

Dave Attell is hard to like but easy enjoy. His brash, lecherous sense of humor has made him one of the most respected comedians of his generation.


Comedy: If Butchertown can be hip, why not Irish Hill?

Louisville Improvisors present the Irish Hill Improv Fest

This was Chris Anger’s basic philosophy when his Louisville Improvisors put together the first Irish Hill Improv Festival last year: It seemed a grave injustice for one of Louisville’s


Comedy: It’s time for May in July

Ralphie May discusses fatherhood, duty and monster balls

Ralphie May is a raucous, brash and sometimes controversial comedian who shot to fame as runner-up on the first season of “Last
comedy-Phil OReilly.jpg

Fun City Pizza tossed up a slice of life back in the day

Former co-owner returns to bring the laughs

Artist and gallery owner Julius Friedman swears he has no recollection of the moment.

On Will Ferrell's farewell to George W. Bush


Zipper Lips rides again

Neil Hamburger is perhaps the most unnatural man in American comedy

(N.B. Watch a video of writer Paul Curry discussing his interview with Neil Hamburger.)


Comedy: Hal Sparks wrote the book of love

Kentucky native returns for some comedy on Valentine’s weekend

When I surveyed my friends to see if they knew who Hal Sparks was, I got myriad responses, which probably speaks to how busy this guy keeps himself these days:

Comedy: Skip the Bowl and hang with the ladies

Comedy Caravan is offering an alternative to sitting on a couch, screaming at a television and eating fried globs of chicken parts on Super Bowl Sunday.