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Comedy: From Boston to Scrabble with Matt Graham

Louis C.K., Marc Maron and David Cross are some of the biggest names in comedy, but there was a time when those guys thought Matt Graham was going to be the next big thing


Comedy: Doug Stanhope — A weird class clown

Doug Stanhope is the King of Crass (a lesson learned from his mother).


Comedy: A lonely childhood in cars with Geoff Tate

Is it late at night? Are your hands stained a Cheeto orange? Are you dreading the drug test for work you’re going to have to take tomorrow? Geoff Tate is your kind of guy.


Comedy: Joan Rivers — Comedy’s all-time good time gal

Joan Rivers needs no introduction. Our interview took place in mid-February, in the midst of Hollywood’s award season.


Comedy: Tim Wilson — A fond farewell to a Louisville classic

Tim Wilson fancied himself a “singer/songwriter/philosopher,” but he was so much more.


Comedy: Eugene Mirman — Earning an A in comedy

Eugene Mirman is a prolific guy.


Comedy: Still laughing in Derby City

Comedy Caravan’s transition to the Laughing Derby

For almost 30 years, Comedy Caravan has stood as a temple, holding in its walls the history of stand-up comedy from the industry’s heyday on through to the present. But Jan.


Comedy: Mike Birbiglia — Closing in for the kill

Comedian and storyteller Mike Birbiglia has mastered a fusion of the two forms, turning jokes into stories that become radio, one-man theater, books and movies.


Comedy: Just another night of laughs

When I tell you you need to see America’s hottest up-and-coming Lebanese-Palestinian-Syrian-Italian-American comedian, would you believe me?


Comedy: Who ya gonna call?

Louisville is a unique town — a town filled with archaic architecture and historic homes. Such places create a rich soil to nurture countless ghost stories.