Book: Loverman

A new view of the real Franz Kafka

‘Kafka in Love’
By Jacqueline Raoul-Duval. Other Press; 288 pgs., $15.95.


Book: Novelist Stewart gives tense relationships a home

What keeps the bonds of family strong? Security, trust and support rank high, of course. But many would also add that a sense of place is important.


Book: Conversing with a conversationalist

Brian Michael Till has interviewed some of the most powerful people on the planet

For most soon-to-be college graduates, the road often traveled involves either a summer backpacking through a foreign country or worrying about how to pay off their Titanic-sized student loan debt.


Season’s readings

10 cool books to cozy up with this winter


By Alice Munro

Knopf, 319 pgs., $26.95


Book: Use your words

A look at rhetoric and how to speak like a world leader

‘Words Like Loaded Pistols: Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama’
By Sam Leith. Basic Books; 312 pgs., $26.99.


Book: School’s out

A local artist and musician’s fresh start

Carrie Neumayer has pursued three things over the past 15 years and has learned that, sometimes, something’s got to give.


Book: Mystery is a winged creature

Misha Feigin releases a new book of poetry

Can you walk in my skin?
How simple a simple meaning
Can be when what you think
You are is trapped in the solitary


Winter Guide 2012: Fireside fiction

Riveting reads for the winter

While plenty of new books by old pros have flooded the market this fall, we’re not going to spend time here on writers who now seem to be pretty much phoning it in.


Book: A ‘Trainspotting’ prequel of sorts

By Irvine Welsh. W.W. Norton; 544 pgs., $25.


Book: A tale of the turf, and other Kentucky stories

A roundup of Kentucky authors

I was in the Infield at Churchill Downs on May 4, 1968, when Dancer’s Image won the Kentucky Derby. Picked him, bet him, and cashed for $92 on a $20 bet.