Book: Bewilderment breathes life into death

‘Bewilderment: New Poems and Translations’
By David Ferry. The University of Chicago Press; 115 pgs., $18.


Book: The complicated animal

Rebecca Gayle Howell releases ‘Render / An Apocalypse’

‘Render / An Apocalypse’
By Rebecca Gayle Howell. Cleveland State University Poetry Center; 88 pgs., $15.95.


Fanfare for the common man

Acclaimed Kentucky poet Maurice Manning captures the lost world of rural America

When Maurice Manning was working his first job out of college in the early ’90s, he used to grab a cup of coffee most mornings at a little greasy spoon near the Centre College campus in


Mr. Bourbon

Historian Michael Veach traces bourbon’s heritage in ‘Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey’

Michael Veach stands up from behind the stacks of books on the table and clinks a pocketknife against a snifter glass.


Book: ‘It’s totally normal to not be normal’

The Bloggess releases ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened’

Best known as “The Bloggess,” the irreverent and unpredictable Jenny Lawson is a blogger and author of the book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,” which relates thro


Book: A rambling mess of a ‘Holiday’

Commentator loses focus on his path

‘Every Day is an Atheist Holiday’
Written by Penn Jillette. Blue Rider Press; 288 pgs., $25.95.


Book: What happened in Haiti after the quake?

In new book, reporter Jonathan Katz examines what went wrong

As the only full-time U.S.


Book: Loverman

A new view of the real Franz Kafka

‘Kafka in Love’
By Jacqueline Raoul-Duval. Other Press; 288 pgs., $15.95.


Book: Novelist Stewart gives tense relationships a home

What keeps the bonds of family strong? Security, trust and support rank high, of course. But many would also add that a sense of place is important.


Season’s readings

10 cool books to cozy up with this winter


By Alice Munro

Knopf, 319 pgs., $26.95