Book: Words that light a fuse

Green Fuse Press champions for poetry

The poem is printed on a single sheet. The paper is thick and the letters are set noticeably deeper than the page’s surface.


Book: Building a series, stride by stride


Book: An Appalachian scholar gets her due

Collection explores how Helen Matthews Lewis helped to shape Appalachian studies and social activism in the region

‘Helen Matthews Lewis: Living Social Justice in Appalachia’


Book: She will be a bride, dead or alive

‘The Undertaking of Lily Chen’
By Danica Novgorodoff. First Second; 432 pgs., $29.99.


Book: Back on the train

‘Train: Riding the Rails That Created the Modern World — From the Trans-Siberian to the Southwest Chief’


Book: Sexual rebellion is older than the Revolution

‘Regulating Passion: Sexuality and Patriarchal Rule in Massachusetts 1700-1830’
By Kelly A. Ryan. Oxford University Press; 265 pgs., $55.


Book: Oh, the guilt

New book asks why you don’t call more often

‘The Jewish Daughter Diaries: True Stories of Being Loved Too Much by Our Moms’
Edited by Rachel Ament. Sourcebooks; 208 pgs., $14.99.


Book: Andy made it after all

‘Potluck Supper With Meeting to Follow’
By Andy Sturdevant. Coffee House Press; 224 pgs., $22.


Book: Novelist clarifies history through friendship

Jacinda Townsend comes to Carmichael's

‘Saint Monkey’
By Jacinda Townsend. W.W. Norton & Company; 352 pgs., $24.95.


Book: Longing for something out of reach

‘The Land We Dreamed: Poems’
By Joe Survant. University Press of Kentucky; 160 pgs., $19.95.