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BOOK: Carl Hiaasen brings a favorite character to YA

Carl Hiaasen has several devoted audiences: readers of his Miami Herald column; the adult fans who’ve devoured three decades of satirical mystery-thrillers like “Striptease”; and


BOOK: Study in Perfect

 Sarah Gorham’s newly released collection of creative nonfiction, “Study in Perfect,” probes domestic life — her family’s move from their old Victorian home to a


BOOK: Sweet Boubon

Ah, the struggles of a book reviewer! The only way to verify a cookbook’s ability to convey recipe details is to try out at least one in the home kitchen.


Women Drumers

A History from Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country

Angela Smith has ostensibly written a book about women drummers; she has actually written a short history of American rock, jazz, blues and country.


How not to write history

First, a note: the above states that this book is nearly 300 pages, a fair number for an introductory piece about the impact and history Black women in show business made in the 20th century.


Book: Novelist’s Quality Is Sure — His Characters Gone in the Woods

“In writing about rural America, we are all interested in something that wouldn’t come out of Brooklyn writers—a class-conscious sort of narrative.” Charles Dodd White is lo


Somebody thought the children

Carmichael’s spins it off for kid lit

It’s a normal, albeit stormy Saturday night. Bardstown Road is busy as usual — people are milling about and cars line both sides of the street.


Book: The possible dream

Longtime Louisvillian Karen Mann publishes her first novel

When she was a student at Indiana University in Bloomington, Karen Mann longed to be a writer.


Book: Catch me if you can

Novel with Louisville ties quickly explores getting rich

One of LEO’s early contributors has delivered a debut novel that could be characterized as a modern financial thriller.


Book: Words that light a fuse

Green Fuse Press champions for poetry

The poem is printed on a single sheet. The paper is thick and the letters are set noticeably deeper than the page’s surface.