September 24, 2013

What a Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


In yet another sign of Christian conservative compassion, the U.S. House voted last week to cut the SNAP food stamp program by $40 billion, including all of Kentucky’s delegation besides Rep. John Yarmuth. Especially notable was the vote of Rep. Hal Rogers of eastern Kentucky, where 26 percent of households in his district rely on SNAP. Looks like a new “War on Laid-Off Coal Miners."


JCPS unveiled plans for some radical changes to a few struggling middle and high schools. The extensive plan includes changing Frost Middle School into a sixth-grade academy and partnering with U of L for an administrative overhaul of Shawnee High School. That means a provost instead of a principal. None of this has been fully detailed or approved, and the source of funding for the proposals, if green-lighted, hasn’t been established. Still, at least the district is thinking innovation.


The National and Kentucky Right to Life presidents visited Louisville to endorse the absentee Mitch McConnell for Senate, citing his long advocacy of criminalizing abortion and making government small enough to fit in your womb. Both RTL presidents told LEO that their goal is to make abortion illegal and prosecute doctors who perform abortions, but not women who have them — because they aren’t smart enough to know what pregnancy is. Women for Team Mitch!


The Kentucky Derby Festival unveiled the 2014 Pegasus Parade theme: Call of the Wild. In the press release, an official urged participants to be creative and have fun with the theme, maybe by playing off the song “Wild Thing” or using a Wild West backdrop. Lame. We’re just crossing our fingers Wild Eggs is planning a rolling kitchen where “The Turtleman” flings cinnamon rolls into the crowd.

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