January 23, 2013

What A Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Attorney General Jack Conway filed a lawsuit accusing Spencerian College of lying about job placement, claiming the for-profit school “preyed on people trying to build better lives” and was more concerned with “getting its hands on student loan money than educating.” The suit says the college, owned by Sullivan University, made false statements regarding the rate at which grads got jobs. (Turns out phlebotomists aren’t in such high demand after all…)


The Den of Sin known as the Economy Inn on Bardstown Road was evacuated after police discovered a mini-meth lab. The cops were called when several guests reported a chemical odor and smoke wafting out of a room where David Wiegand, 37, and Tiffany Jenkins, 41, were allegedly cooking crank. As soon as the lab was cleaned up, the motel was cleared to resume less toxic illegal activity.


President Barack Obama stood next to his gorgeous family as he was sworn in for a second term, then delivered one of those stirring speeches he had hidden away during the campaign. Obama broke ground addressing LGBT rights, took on climate change deniers, made an appeal for immigration reform, and subtly asked Republicans to stop being bratty dicks. Meanwhile, Sen. McConnell sat stonefaced, plotting his next dick move.


Social justice groups held a press conference at the Cordish Cos.’ wonderland of out-of-town business, Fourth Street Live, highlighting ongoing problems of racial discrimination around its dress code. Cordish responded by making their lily-white dress code public and, of course, admitting no wrongdoing. A former security guard spoke of his years enforcing discrimination and suggested a boycott.

World-classness: -2