December 19, 2012

What A Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


We may be the shining superpower on the hill, but we’ve somehow become resigned to the fact that mentally ill people mowing down dozens of people with assault weapons and high-capacity clips every month or so is just the price of our Second Amendment freedom. Will the tragic murder of 26 people (including 20 children) in Newtown, Conn., spur long-overdue legislative action from passive Democrats and NRA employees in Congress? Time to be a leader, Obama.


Mayor Greg Fischer pitched to Metro Council the local option sales tax, which would create an additional 1 percent sales tax that could direct up to $90 million for specific projects. While some Democrats questioned the regressive nature of the tax, Republican Jerry Miller questioned the need to fund additional “big wow” projects like light-rail, saying “we already have a pretty doggone good quality of life.” Possibility City!


State Sen. Kathy Stein apologized to Republican Sen. Mike Wilson after she was caught commenting on a blog that “This narrow-minded nimrod is now the Chair of the Senate Education Committee — Lord help us.” Stein was referring to Wilson’s support for teaching creationism in science classes, calling evolution “indoctrination.” Stein may have been rude, but LEO fact-checkers rate this “mostly true.”


A Metro Government audit found the city’s control over the Dismas worker program is “inadequate,” with insufficient monitoring of Dismas inmates working at city agencies and lack of a formal agreement prohibiting violent criminals. All of which is about as shocking as saying Tom Owen likes to ride his bike. But Mayor Fischer’s office has no plans to discontinue the program, because you can never get enough free slave labor.

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