April 9, 2014

What a Week

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Every once in a while, the state of Kentucky, in an act of charity, lets one of the NCAA men’s basketball programs from another state win the national championship. UK’s improbable run through a minefield of tough opponents finally came to an end at the hands of UConn Monday night, when Aaron Harrison and the wonder-freshmen ran out of game-winning three-pointer magic. May the rest of the country hope we’re so generous in 2015.


Lost in the madness of Matt Bevin’s cockfighting scandal last week was another Kentucky politician drawing the ire of the Humane Society. The group ripped Sen. Mitch McConnell for his bill that would weaken the protection of horses from the practice of soring, in which the feet and legs of horses are injured by sickos in order to produce an exaggerated gait to gawk at. At least Mitch doesn’t want razor blades on their ankles, we assume.


A semi carrying more Keystone beer than a frat party could consume overturned earlier this week on the ramp connecting I-64 West to I-264 East. It impacted traffic for a few hours, but we’ll admit the only reason we’re writing about it is the novelty of spilt beer across a freeway ramp. Does this deserve a positive rating because, well, it’s Keystone? Or is any beer wasted a missed opportunity? Your call, folks.


After four years of receiving an “A” grade in transparency from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, Kentucky has dipped down into “B” territory. The good news is that the downgrade is a result of other states becoming more transparent, not Kentucky becoming less transparent. Sure, we could be doing more to be a leader in the country, but let’s just take a moment to rejoice the fact that we’re not at the back of the pack. (Take that, California!)

World-classness: -6