September 26, 2012

What a Week — Sept. 26, 2012

Louisville’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


The JCPS student assignment plan has proven yet again it’s a damsel in distress that just won’t perish, much to the ire of those who support neighborhood schools. The state Supreme Court upheld the plan that gives the district the power to assign and bus students. The goal? Diversity. This ruling tossed out the argument that state law gives children the right to attend their nearest school. Sure, cross-county bus rides suck. But re-segregating schools in 2012 doesn’t exactly seem like a step in the right direction either.


With many Democrats running away from “Obamacare” and his opponent attacking him over his support for it, Rep. John Yarmuth decided to just be Yarmuth: celebrating the two-year anniversary of provisions of the Affordable Care Act, which allows greater access to preventative care and insurance. As citizens spoke about how the new provisions saved their lives, we couldn’t help but realize the law’s death panels have been an utter failure.


The 6th District congressional race has turned into television of the absurd. Both Ben Chandler and Andy Barr are doing their best to prove they are the candidate to protect coal miner jobs and fight the evil EPA, with Barr getting caught using a coal CEO playing dress up as a miner. The really absurd part? The number of miners employed in their district is ZERO.


Another week, another bipartisan piece of legislation killed by Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul in the Senate via their favorite democracy impaling tool: the filibuster. This time it was the Veterans Jobs Corps Act, which would have created jobs for up to 20,000 veterans. Five Republicans voted in vain to stop the filibuster, obviously not getting McConnell’s memo that denying Obama a legislative victory during his campaign is more patriotic than helping veterans.

World-classness: +1