Okay, so I don't read the

By Cr1stal

Okay, so I don't read the LEO. But a friend told me to check this CD review out because I'm a fan of Sub-Urban. Listen to the lyrics, unlike the majority of the bs we hear on the radio everyday these guys actually have something to say. Amazingly enough, my favorite song on the CD happens to be The Way. The song is basically a rap song with Wes singing the hook, so if you take out the "agitated rap" it's really not a song at all. If you don't like a CD that's fine, but don't make ignorant remarks that just dont make sense. I remember now why I don't read LEO anymore. Because of people like you, who can honestly pretend like they know something about music, when basically all they can do is read the dictionary. Good Job Sub-Urban, the Cd rocks, keep it up!!!