Fun with Shrapnel

Puis-je partager vos biscuits?

Recently, I shared a story of growing up poor and learning to see my way out of poverty. When I wrote the piece, I was working with Dress for Success on a fundraiser.

Stop Calling Me Surly

Another fine, messy session

In Ronnie Ellis we trust. Almost a month ago, the political guru told KET’s statewide audience about a spectacular distraction at the Capitol.

Fun with Shrapnel

Stardate: Toddlerhood 001

I was under the impression that temper tantrums were delayed until at least 18 months of age, under the general jurisdiction of the Terrible 2s. How very wrong I have been.

Keeping Up with the Jones

The real Confederate flag flies high

As a native of the South, I have watched the region’s seemingly unending love affair with the battle flag of the Confederacy with great interest.

Stop Calling Me Surly

Rage against the cage

Members of a 2012 task force seeking to fix Kentucky’s juvenile justice system must have felt like they had pried open an icebox broken for nearly three decades.

Summary of My Discontent

Mr. Audience Participation

Hi. I’m Mr. Audience Participation. You might know me from such events as concerts, movies, plays, ballgames, meetings, presentations and speeches.

In Visible Ink

Strong Kentucky women

My mother and I attended a recent program in the Mayor’s Gallery at Metro Hall entitled “Kentucky Women Pushing for Civil Rights.” University of Louisville’s African-America

Fun with Shrapnel

Dressed to impress

Derby is getting so near, I can smell it. It’s the time when Louisville cleans up its act and welcomes racing fans from around the world.

Stop Calling Me Surly

Good riddance, Mitch McConstipator

In 1984, Alabama native Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. defeated U.S.

In Visible Ink

Beyond marriage

The movement for marriage equality has had quite a few successes in the last few years, gaining an undeniable momentum here in the South after recent legal victories in Kentucky and Virginia declar