Fables of the Deconstruction

The day Lassie went to the moon

Reviewing recent box office totals, you might think that the last quarter of 2008 has been very good for dog movies. When I last visited the subject (Oct.


An open letter to the Angry Ford Worker: (You know who you are)

I understand why you’re upset. You feel attacked. The protected position your union provided you is being publicly dissected.

Raised Relief

Bush league, by and by

By the time you finish reading this column, I will have seen Oliver Stone’s film “W.,” and I swear I’ll tell you honestly if my suspicion that it is irresponsible tras

Suburban Turmoil

Good housekeeping

Growing up in a museum isn’t easy.

Oh, on the surface it seems exciting, particularly if you read that book that spawned a thousand juvenile fantasies, “From the Mixed Up Files

The Church Hoppers

Church of the Advent talks about hell

Let’s talk about hell.

Yeah, so we just lost half our readers. But we didn’t bring it up; the Rev. Timothy Mitchell at Church of the Advent put it in his sermon. Blame him.

Editor’s Note

Ignorant vacation

I’ve been on vacation, and I’m still technically not at work as I write this, although I am technically working because I am writing this, which is an antinomy for the backburner.

Keeping Up with the Jones

Countdown to E-Day: the aftermath

Where were you when it happened? That’s a question most of us will be asked at some point in our lives. Where were you on Nov. 4, 2008, when Barack Obama was elected? Me?

Suburban Turmoil

Turkey tradition

Thanksgiving has never been my cup of cider.

As a kid, it meant putting on the mom-ordained outfit of scratchy wool shorts, argyle knee socks, penny loafers and a

Summary of My Discontent

Outsourcing healthcare

Can we all now agree that Michael Moore was right about healthcare in America?

Yep, I’m Gay

Tonight’s special: cheap beer with a side of homophobia

I learned two things on a recent Saturday: