Yep, I’m Gay

Fear of a gay planet

Hopefully you remember that 2009 is the year of the queer.

Fables of the Deconstruction

A little bit of soap

Nobody loves a good laugh more than me, but let’s not start with an argument.


Clash of a titan (and a legislator)

John Vincent Calipari is charged with returning the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team to glory.

Summary of My Discontent

Attention angry mob: Focus!

One advantage to being outraged at all times is that when “populist outrage” like that currently aimed at Wall Street comes along, it barely registers a blip on your blood-pressure gaug

Yep, I’m Gay

Say it straight

Clarity is a fundamental principle of a successful sentence.

Fables of the Deconstruction

Nude as the news

Legend has it my great aunt Martha used to believe Mike Douglas could see into her living room when she watched his show, and that he was talking to her and could hear her when she talked bac


Clear as mud

Is Mayor Jerry Abramson guilty of malfeasance? Honestly, we don’t know.

Raised Relief

The elusive bird of paradise

Topping my list of reasons to be thankful that we don’t live in the Middle Age are:

Keeping Up with the Jones

U of L and the fight for justice

I made one of the most important professional decisions of my life in graduate school, when I decided to commit “discipline suicide.”

Summary of My Discontent

Is that a gun in your pocket?

When the Memphis Commercial Appeal recently added a searchable database of Tennessee gun owners to its website, I was crazy-jealous that we didn’t have that service available here.