Going once, going twice …

It’s time to pull the plug. I know thinking about it is painful and there are moral arguments to be made, but it’s time to face facts. Prolonging this isn’t helping anyone.

Summary of My Discontent

The war on stupid

Here’s a bit of shockingly good-ish news: Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, we are getting smarter.

Guest Commentary

New bridges: No laughing matter

The massive $4 billion Ohio River Bridges Project continues its tortoise-like pace with delays, setbacks and longer-than-expected implementation.

Guest Commentary

My decadent and deprived Kentucky Derby — wear a hat for me

I am coming to the realization that my shirt might not be as bourbon stained as yours this Saturday. It seems I signed up for a graduate school program in Boston and forgot to read the fine print.

Fables of the Deconstruction

The needle and the damage done

My name is Paul, and I am an addict.


A face-off with my past

Stephanie Gorski wants to be my Facebook friend. Thing is, last time I talked to Stephanie Gorski I was 10 years old.

Raised Relief

Who watches the Watchmen indeed

What’s childless, blind in one eye, smokes constantly, thinks truck-testicles are hysterical and is now going to tell you how to raise your kids? Yeah, it’s me.

Editor’s Note

Crossing Thunder Road

A particular set of problems can emerge when you are a city whose national stock is based on a two-week span of debauchery and high-impact horseracing that begins in earnest with a prodigious

Keeping Up with the Jones

Strange black men from outer space

Let’s play word association.

Summary of My Discontent

A stitch in time

I have a new friend who sews.