Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10
Summary of My Discontent

Reaching the undecided voters

My fellow Americans, it’s been a long and grueling campaign. I’ve debated my worthy opponent on the issues.

Raised Relief

Start making sense

A few weeks back, in a prematurely old man-esque bid to stay in touch with “what the kids are listening to these days,” I followed the “Hot Video Pick of the Week” link on Y

Stop Calling Me Surly

A sublime sexual revolution

Two winners emerged from last Thursday’s vice presidential debate in Danville: Centre College and moderator Martha Raddatz.

Fables of the Deconstruction

Everything happens to me

We were gathering in the conference room for one of our regular meetings, but one of my selves was missing. “Any of you know where I am?” I asked, indicating the empty chair.

Summary of My Discontent

History’s Assholes: Fred Koch

Welcome once again to History’s Assholes, the column that travels back in time to flush out the assholes who made the world what it is today.

Guest Commentary

The president’s race problem

Some years ago, a few pals and I took our first excursion to the deepest, darkest Delta.

Raised Relief

Strangers and their dogs

I am a dog owner who moonlights as a bush-league misanthrope.

Stop Calling Me Surly

A wicked sister bridge

When the early 21st-century history of Louisville is written, if the Ohio River Bridges Project proceeds as planned, I can already hear the official refrain: “Mistakes were made.&r

Fables of the Deconstruction

Nice work if you can get it

We usually break in our interns with simple tasks like record and movie reviews. Nobody important reads that stuff, so they can’t do a lot of damage.

Keeping Up with the Jones

Election 2012 is (a little) different

This is the first of two columns on Election 2012. Given my love of politics, you knew I couldn’t do just one.