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Stop Calling Me Surly

End pot prohibition

I’m pleased to note that Americans are increasingly fed up with our futile, foolish, unaffordable wars. In unprecedented numbers, we are weary of the war on weed.

Summary of My Discontent

The daily paper, 2013

In our fast-paced world of news and news-like information, it’s easy to forget the important role daily newspapers play in society, which is to provide seniors a festive, tactile maze to sift

Stop Calling Me Surly

Fear and groping in Frankfort

Two weeks ago, WFPL aired a story that rocked the state Capitol.

Fables of the Deconstruction

How to disappear completely

This is why I hate time travel. I was listening to some music. I’m sure it was a band you’ve never heard of.

Summary of My Discontent

Letters to myself

According to neuroscientist and author Richard Restak, one aspect of growing older is the loss of “emotional memory” — the feelings of joy, sadness, anger and elation from past ex

Keeping Up with the Jones

From the March on Washington to Pan-African Studies

August 28 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington (MOW). This fall is also the 40th anniversary of the Pan-African Studies (PAS) Department at the University of Louisville.

Stop Calling Me Surly

Bitches & bouquets

Before some random news items fade into forgetfulness, it’s time to praise the good and embarrass the guilty.

Fables of the Deconstruction

The sounds of silence

A little while back, I was telling you about a friend of mine who used to write novels, and I said something about the last time we spoke, and I think I made a reference to his last book, and I did

Summary of My Discontent

Larue: Hero or traitor?

It’s fascinating to watch people try to make heads or tails out of Zach Larue. Larue was a Kentucky miner, sharp as a scythe and independent as a coyote.

Stop Calling Me Surly

Disemboweling ‘The McConstipator’

Give me 15 more months and I might die a happy political junkie. Of course it’s too early to authoritatively call the U.S. Senate race that everybody‘s talking about.