Fun with Shrapnel

Be brave

Living in New Albany is an odd experience for a Louisvillian. I, like so many from the 502, am wedded with a sick dedication to my city. Why Louisville? Because Louisville.

Stop Calling Me Surly

Medics, meds and monkeys

There are a few precious milestones I thought I might not live to see, but my soul is a little more rested now that a nurse practitioners’ bill is on a fast track for passage by the state leg

Summary of My Discontent

Death of a telephone

I recently conducted an experiment to see how long I could go without making a phone call. This was not a pursuit of pure science: Just before Christmas, my phone died.

Keeping Up with the Jones

On Strong and Petrino

The recent exit of University of Louisville football coach Charlie Strong and re-entry of prodigal son Bobby Petrino created understandable controversy. Reviews have certainly been mixed.

Fun with Shrapnel

Many a weary foot since ...

A new year … hmph.

Stop Calling Me Surly

The uncommonwealth address

While most men his age are enervated — retired or soon to slow down — Steve Beshear is invigorated.

Summary of My Discontent

2014, the year in preview

Thanks to Google Street View’s new Higgs Boson plug-in, I’ve been able to explore the future, and I can now divulge what to expect in 2014. Here’s a sneak peek:

Fun with Shrapnel

Cheers, darlin’

The holidays are upon us and the end of the year is fast approaching. I rarely take time to make resolutions because I know I am weak and will break them the first chance I get.

Stop Calling Me Surly

A year of lost voices

What a year. Get me outta here. Tragedy struck two of my favorite families.

Guest Commentary

Compassion is the ultimate gift

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Haiti.