Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10

Bad Poetry - Honorable Mention

Bad Poetry - honorable mention 1A Republican Nursery Rhyme by Cheryl Clark 

Poetry - Honorable Mention

Poetry - honorable mention 1Another Weekend in Peki Ghana by Kate Hartman 

Flash Fiction - Honorable Mention

Flash Fiction - honorable mention 1My New Haircut by Kent Roberts 

Fiction – 3rd Place

Fiction – 3rd PlaceUp in Alaska

Fiction — 1st Place

Fiction — 1st PlaceInto The Great Behind by Kennedy KileanNo more arguing about it. He’s oldest and more experienced and owns the place, cleaned it up and stocked it with booze, signed the lease, the licenses. Name of the place stays, as is. So be it, says his younger brother Max, pinching silver cufflinks before massaging his gelled temples. Max is dapper, crisp, simmering through a rum-flavored hangover and squinting out a pair of eyes so webbed in red it’s as if some powerful worry burst the front of his brain, drizzled blood over his vision. And unlike his meatier big brother, Max doesn’t mind losing an argument, even with family. So Max shakes his head, plucks a book of matches, embossed with the name he can’t stand, understand, from a freshly swabbed ashtray and steps out to the noonday shine.

Bad Poetry - Winners (?)

Bad Poetry – 1st PlaceOde to a Booger by Nick Borho 

Poetry Winners

Poetry – 1st PlaceMonarch by Olivia Cole 

Flash Fiction - Winners

Flash Fiction -1st PlaceMore Complicated by Rebecca R. Block 

Fiction – 2nd Place

Fiction – 2nd PlaceIkey

Literary LEO 2006

Literary LEO, more than anything this newspaper does throughout the year, is by and for the community. This year we received hundreds of submissions, and as you can see by the judges’ comments on the following page, the work was strong, which made picking the best quite a challenge. These next several pages contain the three best short stories (the honorable mention short stories are posted at; several flash fiction pieces (300-word limit); several poems (serious and seriously bad — so bad they’re funny); and numerous photographs (both traditional and non-traditional).