What a Week

Zealot WatchBarren County Attorney Jeff Sharp sent a survey to all Kentucky legislators and legislative candidates asking whether they’d accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, causing a stampede of Yes votes not seen since the Do-You-Hate-Homos survey of 2004. Meanwhile, if you think Papa John Schnatter has some whacky ideas, put down your cheesy crust and stare in slack-jawed awe at Domino’s Pizza founder Thomas Monaghan, who is building an entire Florida town called Ave Maria based on strict Catholic principles. Monaghan, who sold the company several years back, originally declared that the new virginville would be free of condoms, birth control pills and pornography, but, when made aware that Florida is actually in America, he backed off that pledge and declared it would just be really, really virgin-y.

Gloria Allred fights back. And she wins

Attorney Gloria Allred is not universally beloved. One critic was so irritated by how frequently she delivers legal commentary on cable TV news shows — and by her love of press conferences (she once called one to announce that her client had “no comment”) — that he tagged her as “the ultimate symbol for what’s wrong with the media.”

Let the sun shine in: Is the Arena Authority a public entity? No one seems to know.

Sunshine Week is not about journalists, it’s about the public and the importance of protecting and promoting open government. Sunshine Week is not about protecting journalists’ rights, it’s about the right of all citizens to know what their government is doing — and why. —From www.sunshineweek.org

Staff Picks

<FILM>Thursday, March 9‘Demoralization of Richard Engelsbird’ We’ve all heard how hard it is to get a film made. Even with a good script, a good cast and plenty of production money, most films never reach their intended audiences. Nineteen-year-old Louisville filmmaker Brian Cunningham is attempting to beat the long odds in part by starting early. When the U of L freshman finished his debut in 2003, he decided further editing would improve the end product. The result of two years of additional editing is on display at the Floyd Theater Thursday night. With a whimsical filming approach and an all-local cast highlighted by the character Safron, a violinist beset by an unwanted suitor, the film perhaps defies conventional description. The horror/comedy/thriller “The Demoralization of Richard Engelsbird” is, Cunningham warns, a “no-budget” film, the maiden voyage for his Unseen Films. Hey, no worries, some of us like that kind of stuff. —Paul KopaszFloyd Theater at U of L2100 S. Floyd St.www.unseenfilms.com$1; 7:30 p.m.

What a Week

Lucky District 13Proving once again the notion that Metro Council is but a springboard for those with political capital to spend, former 13th district rep Ron Weston was elected to the state House on Valentine’s Day, leaving the Council to fill his seat with one of six applicants. Public interviews will be held today at 4 p.m. at City Hall with four Republicans and two Democrats. The seat will again be up in November’s general election. There will be a full Council vote on March 9 to choose the new member. —Stephen George

Is Williams a god or a dog?

The culture wars convulsed the General Assembly last week as Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, propounded Senate Bill 236, a constitutional amendment that would downsize judicial authority, neutralize fairness ordinances and immunize the historical display of the Ten Commandments on state Capitol grounds against constitutional challenge.

Submerged: On the day before ashes

BY MICHAEL TISSERAND The devil stood in the middle of the street, refusing to budge. “I don’t care if a car hits me,” said the devil, tightening up her face. “I’m just going to stand here.”

‘Nowhere’ is here

Works of art have the ability to make our world a little bit larger through the artist’s exploration of ideas and concepts, but artists also bring their own perspective and experiences to the works they create. “Nowhere,” an exhibition on view at the New Center for Contemporary Art through April 22, features the work of five Louisville artists — Thomas deLisle, Maiza Hixon, Sarah Lyon, Cynthia Norton and Valerie Sullivan Fuchs — who explore the issue of place through our city and the time in which we live.

Rumblings From the World of Sports

Goin’ back to Cali. As I mentioned a month ago, look for Bryan Harvey to wind up at Long Beach State. Why is it that this, the latest of a multitude of evacuations from U of L, bothers me so? Is The Rick recruiting the wrong kids? Is he giving up too soon and running them off? Call it the Roderick Rhodes Syndrome.

Beware the DeathSTAR

While city leaders try to take giant leaps into the future — multi-million dollar arena, bridges, tangled superhighways, dedicated green spaces, all ostensibly angled to attract and retain inhabitants — state legislators took one colossal step backward on the quality of life scale Monday. The Senate passed SB 39, which, if passed by the House, will prohibit Louisville from enacting environmental policies that are more stringent than state or federal regulations, unless the Metro Council votes otherwise.