What a Week

Archdiocese to implement gaydar The Louisville Archdiocese admitted it’s not sure how to comply with a Vatican document barring priests with “deep-seated homosexual tendencies.” In the absence of a litmus test, the Archdiocese said it would run background checks to screen out men who know the difference between mousse and styling foam, and those who know their bed sheets’ thread count.

Putting the ‘butcher’ in Butchertown?

We’ve heard about the Ohio River Bridges Project for years. Butchertown will hear it for eonsIt was in 1966 that Jim Segrest first met Butchertown. Then a burg packed with quainter and more numerous slaughterhouses than the behemoths of recent memory, the neighborhood was also a burgeoning political seedbed, galvanized by a posse of housewives who’d been spending afternoons together at the Wesley House. The nabe was zoned industrial, and with the help of a rerouted Beargrass Creek — literally a floating dumpster — the city’s industrial tenants, pushed from downtown by pesky regulations about quality of life, moved in and began bringing the Stink. United in distress over city government offering their neighborhood to the highest industrial bidder, the Wesley House women eventually brought their clamor to City Hall.

Battle of the bills

Battle of the bills

It’s late in the session, and anxiety is the disorder of the day as laboring lawmakers make a final push to deliver their bills. And it’s not just the rank and file who are nervous. Late last week, House Speaker Jody Richards toted a tattered tally as he petitioned fellow reps to support a measure allowing police to stop drivers for not wearing seat belts.

Rumblings From the World of Sports

Follow the Benjamins. I’m told that a vast majority of U of L’s players — perhaps as many as 11 Cardinals — wished to end the season after the BEast tourney. I’m also told closure was The Rick’s desire. The word: Tom Jurich decreed that the team would compete in the NIT, because, well, you know, it’s all about the ...

On the banks of the Ohio: Brand new bluegrass festival puts the pickin’ back into downtown Louisville

By now everyone who really cares knows the IBMA bluegrass convention took its gig to Nashville last year after an eight-year run at the Galt House in Louisville...

Imagine there’s no Arena Authority meeting. WOW! It’s easy if you try

The Louisville Arena Authority apparently won’t hold its regularly scheduled meeting next Monday because Chairman Jim Host summarily suspended the board’s work until the Jefferson County legislative delegation makes up its mind which site, LG&E or old Water Company, that it supports.

‘Old friends’ live another day: Musicians’ concessions save LO from bankruptcy

Bob Bernhardt turned to the audience during the Louisville Orchestra BB&T Night Lites performance last Thursday at the Brown Theatre, and spoke of the musicians behind him as his “longest, oldest friends in music.”

What a Week

A kick in the asphaltYour federal government, rubber-stamper of corrupt lobbyists, crumbling infrastructure, theocracy, spying on citizens and a $6 billion-per-month preemptive quagmire, finally found a project too egregious to stomach: a shady asphalt deal. The Feds put the kibosh on an adorable, gee-I-wonder-who-thought-that-up Kentucky House budget provision that would have required all interstate-construction projects to use asphalt instead of concrete. The House softened the blow for the asphalt lobby by proposing a 10-mile-high, all-asphalt Ten Commandments monument.

Cherry pickin’: Catching up the Cherryholmes family, IBMA Entertainers of the Year

Cherryholmes is a family bluegrass band from California that’s come a long, long way in a very short time. Parents Jere (bass) and Sandy Lee Cherryholmes (mandolin) are joined by four children: daughter Cia Leigh (banjo), 21; son B.J. (fiddle), 17; son Skip (guitar), 15; and daughter Molly Kate (fiddle), 13. Last fall, the band won the coveted IBMA Entertainer of the Year award, and a glimpse at their Web site (cherryholmes.net) shows that they’ve gained much wider notice lately.Glen Hensley and Kato Wilbur, members of the Louisville organization Bluegrass Anonymous, interviewed the family just days after they won the IBMA award. An excerpt of that interview, which ran in BA’s quarterly newsletter, Pickin’ Post, is reprinted here with permission.


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