Ramped up: Possible closure of Third Street exit invokes terms like ‘aesthetics’ and ‘functionality’

It’s quickly becoming the chorus to America’s drive-time soundtrack: Gas prices went up again today. The most recent jumps occurred because, as of last week, a barrel of oil topped $75. Some analysts predict that by summer’s end we’ll pay around $4 for a gallon of gas, not just on the coasts but in the Midwest, too. Clearly this is a problem that’s not going away.

What a Week

You’re nuts and so are youA U of L biochemist launched a company to market a test he invented that will tell people whether they’re likely to develop schizophrenia. While there’s currently no cure, the professor believes people will want to know their propensity to develop the mental disease and there’s probably good money in it because each customer potentially represents multiple sales.

Splatters: ART NEWS BITS

Bird artist Ray Harm’s limited-edition print featuring two cardinals is now for sale and will benefit U of L’s J. Graham Brown Cancer Center. He will sign the print during U of L graduation events on May 12-13. Call 852-7768 to pre-register to purchase the $125 print.


The first thing that registers while I’m crossing Frankfort Avenue toward the Red Lounge on the last Thursday in March is the two rows of motorcycles in the front lot.

2006 LEO Bar Guide

“Work is the curse of the drinking classes.”—Oscar WildeLet’s have a toast to bars. All bars. The good ones, the bad ones, the dives, the clubs, the expensive ones, the cheap ones, the everybody-knows-your-name ones, the perfect-one-night-stand-pickup ones. Putting this list together was like researching our family tree.

Short News: They’ve got CLOUT

Suzanne Collett is 24 years old, with short black hair and a baby’s face. She has two daughters, a toddler who bounces over the ground like a marionette, and a stroller-bound 14-month-old. For the last month they’ve been living at Volunteers of America, a non-profit faith-based organization that helps people who’ve undergone hardships like Collett’s.

Art show benefits retired thoroughbreds

 “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” is the title of a terrific book and movie. It is also reality for some unfortunate thoroughbreds, those top-of-the-line athletes we are used to seeing in Kentucky. The best-known example of the needless killing of a racehorse is the case of 1986 Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand, who died in a Japanese slaughterhouse in 2002.


<DERBY>Friday, April 28Unstable Barn Party So your chances of sneaking into the Barnstable Brown Derby Eve Gala are even more remote than winning Powerball? Just hit the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center, where you can eat and drink and dance off the rejection. Unlike its $1,200 counterpart, the Unstable Barn Party is free and the celebrities are look-a-likes. The best Derby hat wins a prize, which you may promptly exchange for drinks at the cash bar. Food from A Little Peace Café and DJ Woody Chancy round out the second annual bash. Stop by and reinvest some of those Oaks winnings in the community. —Matt MattinglyMellwood Arts & Entertainment Center1860 Mellwood Ave.895-3650Free; 6-11 p.m.

RIP: Pour out a little liquor for these dead homies …

316 Ormsby: 316 OrmsbyAllure: 2420 S. Fourth St.BAR Louisville: 436 Baxter Ave.Chugs: 2817 Del Rio Pl.Dugout Bar and Grill: 130 N. Spring St.Furlong’s: 2350 Frankfort Ave.Fusion: 1605 Story Ave.The Gate: 1335 Story Ave.Have a Nice Day Café: 436 Baxter Ave.Kelly’s Bar and Lounge: 5110 Dixie Hwy.Maier’s Tavern: 3921 Shelbyville Rd.Mike’s Place: 2301 Taylorsville Rd.Paddock Pub: 501 W. Evelyn Ave.Pearly’s Seafood: 6301 River Rd.Polynesian Palace: 2239 W. Oak St.Positive Energy Lounge: 1906 Bardstown Rd.Red Bud Tavern: 983 Goss Ave.Skivvies: 310 E. Main St.Whirl-A-Way Tavern: 2532 S. Fourth St.

Handling friendship problems is a matter of geography

BY MICHAEL JACKMANLately several of my friendships, for various reasons, are in jeopardy. I’m building up anger and frustration with people I’ve known and been happy with for about six years. But now stuff has happened, words have been exchanged, and my feelings are hurt.