RIP: Pour out a little liquor for these dead homies …

316 Ormsby: 316 OrmsbyAllure: 2420 S. Fourth St.BAR Louisville: 436 Baxter Ave.Chugs: 2817 Del Rio Pl.Dugout Bar and Grill: 130 N. Spring St.Furlong’s: 2350 Frankfort Ave.Fusion: 1605 Story Ave.The Gate: 1335 Story Ave.Have a Nice Day Café: 436 Baxter Ave.Kelly’s Bar and Lounge: 5110 Dixie Hwy.Maier’s Tavern: 3921 Shelbyville Rd.Mike’s Place: 2301 Taylorsville Rd.Paddock Pub: 501 W. Evelyn Ave.Pearly’s Seafood: 6301 River Rd.Polynesian Palace: 2239 W. Oak St.Positive Energy Lounge: 1906 Bardstown Rd.Red Bud Tavern: 983 Goss Ave.Skivvies: 310 E. Main St.Whirl-A-Way Tavern: 2532 S. Fourth St.

Handling friendship problems is a matter of geography

BY MICHAEL JACKMANLately several of my friendships, for various reasons, are in jeopardy. I’m building up anger and frustration with people I’ve known and been happy with for about six years. But now stuff has happened, words have been exchanged, and my feelings are hurt.

Single in an unfamiliar city: Can you really bond over a Hot Brown?

I’m not overly materialistic, but I will admit that a diamond can make you do crazy things

Does Ernie Fletcher hate gay people?

Last week the governor issued an executive order removing gays from the state’s anti-discrimination policy. Smells like bigotry to us.

Short News: In the shadow of the shoes

Of every regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly I’ve covered since 1996, the 2006 session — which adjourned last Wednesday — was among the better ones.Kentucky Resources Council Director Tom FitzGerald, by contrast, called it “a half-shoe session.” This comes from an environmentalist, lawyer and lobbyist who’s known for his distressed shoes.

2006 LEO Bar Guide

“Work is the curse of the drinking classes.”—Oscar WildeLet’s have a toast to bars. All bars. The good ones, the bad ones, the dives, the clubs, the expensive ones, the cheap ones, the everybody-knows-your-name ones, the perfect-one-night-stand-pickup ones. Putting this list together was like researching our family tree.

REALLY GOTTA GO — Bar Bathrooms: Loving and loathing Louisville loos

If you think about it, given any one night at a bar, you can spend a good deal of the time in the bathroom — waiting in line, doing your business, gossiping, re-applying lipstick or, for those with weak livers, white-knuckling the rim.

MySpace or yours? Social networking sites can give a false sense of security

As his boyfriend Zac Dreyer wrote in a blog on his page, April 6 wasn’t a typical Thursday for Jason Johnson, for several reasons. Dreyer was in town — Williamsburg, Ky., at the University of Cumberlands — visiting. The 18-year-old Eastern Kentucky University student and his 20-year-old boyfriend had come from EKU earlier in the day, and Johnson was on his way to a music class, running a little late. Dreyer just figured to sit in on the class, after which the two would go on about their day.

What a Week

Diversity celebratedProving he can be just as ironic (notice the similarity to the word “moronic”) as the next guy, Gov. Ernie Fletcher celebrated Diversity Day by cutting anti-discrimination protection for gay state workers. The move was largely seen as a suck-up to the Republican base, which likes to spend its waking hours desperately trying not to think about hot man-on-man action.

Prescience is as prescience does: Kevin Phillips has been right for a long time now

In 1969, Kevin Phillips, then a political analyst working for President Richard Nixon, wrote “The Emerging Republican Majority,” a book predicting that the political and racial strife of the 1960s would culminate in a national political reversal that would transform the American political landscape, lead to an upsurge of Southern power, and result in Republican control of the U.S. government.