Conyers’ health bill gets a ‘hearing’

Gregg Wagner’s health insurance sets him back $450 a month. The 43-year-old Louisville Realtor is a single, independent businessman, pretty much the worst model for affordable healthcare in America. And while myriad mitigating factors cause insurance premiums to fluctuate vastly, Wagner’s bill is more than twice the national average for a single person not covered by an employer.


It seems like a story tailor-made for the big screen. Small-town girl chases a dream for eight years. She wants to be a professional boxer.

A one-night stand with 21C

I hadn’t had a one-night stand in years. After I graduated into my 30s, I began to find the idea of a one-night stand — a more generally accepted practice among 20-year-olds — boorish and immature.But I recently reconsidered.

Progress, blueprint, vision …?

The annual Metro budget road show began anew last Thursday with the issuance of Mayor Jerry Abramson’s proposed budget to the public and the Metro Council. As is custom, the mayor rolled it out over a three-day period, dropping some of its largest attributes — a massive plan to rehabilitate firehouses and buy 17 trucks, a proposal that would raise money for a new animal shelter and plans to fund a “Waterfront Park Southwest” — on the media and citizenry to whip up some real anticipation.

What a Week

Will you still browbeat me?Hoping to capitalize on the ongoing geezerification of boomer America, a group of developers announced plans to build 600 condos on River Road at Towhead Island, where old farts can congregate, compare disposable diaper products, nosh on soft foods and tap their toes at events like last weekend’s Abbey Road on the River, where, for the 64,000th time, die-really-hard Beatles fans listened to 64 cover bands sing “When I’m 64,” which has more poignancy than ever, now that they are. The RiverPark Place condo development will include two 16-story towers and should open in time for Ringo’s 70th birthday.

Haire apparent: Darrell Haire helped the Jockeys’ Guild avert disaster. Now he’d like the job full time

BY RICK REDDINGDarrell Haire didn’t know what hit him. Last Nov. 15, he and a group of jockeys were inside the Jockeys’ Guild office in Monrovia, Calif. They had just taken control of the organization, voting to fire the administration of one Dr. Wayne Gertmenian, aka Dr. Evil in the eyes of the racing world.

No tricks: Shenanigans vs. More Shenanigans (Two local bars separated at birth?)

Studies have shown that when twins are separated at birth, placed in different environments, they remarkably still display similar characteristics and traits as they move separately through life. That’s exactly the case of our two similar-named bars — Shenanigans and More Shenanigans.

Brave New World: The 21C Museum Hotel - Wilson, Brown share their contemporary art with the place they call ‘home’

These days it’s not uncommon to pick up a respected national publication and read about cool goings-on in Louisville (instead of some fundamentalist outcry over gay rights or the Ten Commandments, for example). One thing driving this wave of publicity is the new 21C Museum Hotel, which is the brainchild of Louisville philanthropists Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown.

Rumor & Innuendo

Apologies to Taquan. My heartfelt apologies to Taquan Dean. In last week’s issue, I indicated that the beloved Cardinal hoopster left school before the semester was complete to move to Chicago with Rajon Rondo to prepare for the NBA draft. While Rondo did leave UK months ago, I’m advised that Dean finished the semester before heading to Chitown. U of L Assistant AD Kenny Klein further indicates that Dean has but one course to complete before graduation.

Gallery 8664 opens discussion

Since Tyler Allen started running around town with maps slung over his shoulders about a year ago, jabbering about an alternative to the car culture monument that is the Ohio River Bridges Project, the 8664 campaign has largely been an underground phenomenon, with those who oppose it trying hard to simply ignore it.