Some days you’re the doughnut, some days the hole: Butchertown residents raise a stink about new Swift traffic flows

The writer Kurt Vonnegut Jr., no stranger to scatological metaphors, has often had a character implore another to “take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.”

City Strobe

Poe’s “Crossings at Irish Hill” proceeds with cautionThe huge, empty lot on Lexington Road that’s currently owned by River Metals and Progress Rail — across from Distillery Commons and Headliners Music  Hall — may soon (within three years) become a modern, urban shopping center, sorta like parts of the East End but maybe not as repulsively commercial. Poe Companies, the Louisville developer behind the planned Museum Plaza, among other urban amenities, plans to cap the environmental wasteland with a pair of “big box” stores (the short list includes Whole Foods, Kroger and Trader Joe’s, as well as a home repair store), some restaurants, small locally owned retail spots and green space.

All the world’s a stage, even in front of LEO

I can’t speak for my colleagues here at LEO, but, personally, I’m thrilled that U.S. Rep. Anne Northup held a press conference in front of our offices on Fourth Street. It’s not often that we radical left-wing journalistic scumbags get such an up-close and personal look at democracy in action, and who would have ever thought our esteemed Congressperson would have brought it right to our doorstep?

Splatters: ART NEWS BITS

galerie hertz, on the second floor of 632 E. Market St. (584-3547), will close on Saturday, July 15, with art at reduced prices during the grand finale sale.Louisville Metro’s Historic Preservation Officer Joanne Weeter is retiring from the Historic Landmarks and Preservation Districts Commission at the end of the month.

News Roundup

LEO founder John Yarmuth’s congressional campaign for the 3rd District U.S. House seat currently held by Anne Northup has a new captain — almost. Yarmuth said Monday that a replacement for Dan Borsch, who managed the congressional hopeful’s successful primary bid, has been selected, but his name won’t be revealed until later this week, after he ensures a smooth transition from another campaign he is currently running.

Rumor & Innuendo

SchnellSpeak? Fear not, your intrepid scribe is ready. There will be pigskin scalps to be hoisted on the totem pole of victory, and we’ll be here to pass along all sonnets from Shakespeare of the Sidelines.

Mr. Yarmuth doesn’t live here anymore (But Ms. Northup is invited to set up shop)

They say election season really doesn’t heat up till after Labor Day, but I think the race for Kentucky’s 3rd District Congressional seat got started a little earlier.

An insight into life: 87 artists interpret the human experience in KMAC exhibit

We humans are an inquisitive bunch, always trying to figure out how to better live our lives and wondering who has the owner’s manual. Look no further — it seems the artists in the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft exhibition “Life InSight” have copies and are letting us have a peek.

An ally, an ally, my kingdom for an ally

This view, a slip of a young woman demurely nibbling at a portabella sandwich, does not scream “Theater!” And yet, as Amy Attaway begins to tell me about the Theatre Alliance of Louisville, her rapid-fire speech lets me know she is enthusiastic about the theater. Make that really enthusiastic. I can nearly feel waves of boundless energy radiating from her.

The Tear Sheet: Boxed in

Vernon Jackson, the Louisville entrepreneur at the center of the congressional bribery scandal that is currently rocking Capitol Hill, has been up, down and up again so many times that it’s hard to know whether to feel sorry for him or to be excited, eagerly waiting to see how he’ll bounce back this time.