Another way to mark 9/11: Public invited to join Gandhi/Merton peace pilgrimage

Just about everyone knows that Sept. 11, 2006, is the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. But few people seem to realize that Sept. 11 marks another major milestone. It’s the 100th anniversary of the beginning of Mahatma Gandhi’s first non-violent campaign that began on Sept. 11, 1906.

Rumor & Innuendo

An issue of Caracter. Info on the Derek Caracter situation has been difficult to come by. Of course, mum’s the word from folks involved with the program. It apparently has something to do with the player’s connections, if any, to a guy named Eddie Lau. He’s one of those scumbags who befriends prepsters with potential and leads them toward pro agents they work for. My sense is that the school truly believes it a minor matter and is being super-cautious. Let’s hope so.

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A&E: It’s all in the footwork - Dance in Louisville shows encouraging signs, but challenges abound

[img_assist|nid=2476|title=Photo by Victor Simon/Warren Lynch & Associates|desc=Louisville Ballet artistic director Bruce Simpson with dancers Helen Daigle and Joseph Nygren Cox during a photo shoot for “Nine Sinatra Songs” by Twyla Tharp, which the ballet will perform this season.|link=|align=left|width=150|height=200]Children sway to music almost as soon as they can stand on their feet, which says dance must be one of our most intrinsic art forms. And yet, a view of Louisville’s arts landscape shows more emphasis on theater, visual arts and music. Mega-hit TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” may invigorate an interest in dance — but will such audiences want to vote on the outcome of “Sleeping Beauty”? (If she’s that tired, let her sleep!)

Are we feeling too good about ourselves?: George Soros would like the world to wake up and handle the truth

Over the past 20 years, financier and philanthropist George Soros has become an influential and controversial force in finance, international development and, more recently, in American politics.

Dig a little deeper: Louisville filmmaker’s doc expands WTO’s micro issues

Fanfare for a civil society. Safe, controlled, antisepticised versions of events, lacking the context to hint at truth. The kind of tripe you’d expect a Mary Kay-peddling handbag jockey to find revolutionary. A way to absolve yourself of any responsibility for world events, like getting all your information from “60 Minutes” or the nightly news, so you can write off the hell that exists outside your borders, though it’s very much the result of what’s happening inside them.

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A&E: Back from the brink - Artist Billy Hertz survives his own private ‘Siberian winter’

“I realize something is happening to my body. I was freezing in position, and I had turned to concrete. So I started to call out to Sue, and, instead of, ‘Sue help me there’s something wrong,’ it came out ... like I was speaking in tongues.”

A&E: A place to shine - Studio2000 apprenticeship program helps high school artists connect with the art world

I was a deer among wolves, too slow for my own good. As I strolled past more than 300 works of art during the seventh annual Studio2000 summer auction and sale, I noticed people hovering over certain pieces, basically marking them as their own, and quickly realized I was far too laid-back. Or, as Ben Johnson, assistant director of the Louisville Metro Office of Youth Development described it, I was a “rookie” in the midst of “veterans.”