The Dog Diaries: Our canine companions want us to take charge. What we don’t understand may come back to bite us

Sam Malatesta says dogs should be bomb-proof. He believes you can stand in the median of I-71 at morning rush hour, your dog at your side, with neither of you feeling any particular stress.He also knows how far most dog-owners are from such a scenario, which is why he’s dedicated his life to learning about dogs and what makes them tick, and sharing that with others.

Green eggs and art: At Easter time, Jeffrey Scott Holland taps into the hunter-gatherer in all of us

I once drew the short straw and had to “cover” an annual Easter egg hunt. I pointed the camera and … never fired a shot as the thing started and ended. Those kids were fast! I’d pay good money to see some young’uns faces if they stumbled on one of Jeffrey Scott Holland’s eggs. The eccentric Louisville artist is hiding original art inside thousands of plastic eggs nationwide. It’s novel, but par for the course for this artist who can’t help but push the envelope.-Cary Stemle

Portrait of a heroine: Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research opens its doors

The Braden Institute has original pressings of many of her writings.Some of the tattered hardback books are stamped “Government’s Exhibit,” tattoos of bold black ink that have turned gray with age. The books loosely adhere to a theme: eastern politics, or that which could be affiliated with communism. In contrast are books labeled “Defendant’s Exhibit” — things like a collection of Plato’s dialogues — meant to infer a broader appreciation of philosophy.

Rumor & Innuendo

Significant sighting. Seen last Thursday having coffee together at the Frankfort Avenue Heine Brothers: Billy Donovan, The Rick, Cotton Nash and Adolph Rupp. Truth. The barista swears she saw Donovan holding the deed to a Citation Pointe luxury condo.

Parsing the Great Cherokee Triangle Condo Debate: The haves haggle with the haves over the Triangle’s mojo

Aquarius Apartments: The Aquarius Apartments’ bland aesthetic makes it stand out amid the historic homes in the 1000 block of Cherokee Road. The complex could be torn down soon and replaced with a high-end condo project, the design of which has been the subject of much debateThe attorney stood before the Louisville Landmarks Commission, Jan. 15, 1975, making his case in a rather absurd way for why three blocks of Cherokee Road should be excluded from a new designation about to be conferred upon the Cherokee Triangle neighborhood. This man, Irwin Waterman, represented the owner of a tank-of-a-complex called Aquarius Apartments, lodged almost smack in the center of the three-block stretch that he thought should be exempt from what that night became the city’s third historic preservation district.

Through the mess, darkly: Or, how living with a compulsive hoarder destroyed my family

by jane doe

City Strobe

MSD: still hemorrhaging funds over whistleblower case  The Metropolitan Sewer District, which lost a federal whistleblower case in January, had paid $323,712.16 for that and a related legal matter by the end of February, according to documents obtained by LEO recently through an open records request.

Can anyone see the damn light?

Illustration by Brian OrmsColleagues, As you may know, there is inarguable scientific consensus that global warming — also commonly referred to as climate change, probably by the same people who call sex “intercourse” — is a real and actual problem with serious human and environmental consequences.

City Strobe

The superintendent gapWhat if one of the best jobs in the nation opened up and nobody wanted it because it was so oppressively thankless? While that description might sound like Tubby Smith’s old job at UK, it’s also what the Jefferson County Board of Education seems to face in its search for a new superintendent. After browbeating the current guy into fleeing north for friendlier environs (still not talking about UK here), the board saw two of its three favorite candidates drop out of contention, citing those pesky “personal reasons.”

Rumor & Innuendo

“Lonely Blue Boy.” It was a 1960 hit for Conway Twitty, and now, the apt description of the University of Kentucky athletics director that Wildcat fans love to hate, Mitch Barnhart. But his moment has arrived. Corral Billy the Kid and Mitch is the new Tom Jurich.