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Nancy Hanson: Photo by Angela Shoemaker Nancy Hanson buys a cinnamon roll from Bill and Teresa Dickey of Nature’s Dream Farm. The Dickeys prepare their food offsite; with the passage of a new law during the most recent General Assembly session, the pair can start cook

City Strobe

The unintended-irony capital of the world?Imagine you live in Jeffersonville. You’re on a fixed income, and to help make ends meet you don’t drive. You work downtown — say Humana — and walk to work every day. There’s only one way for pedestrians to cross the Ohio River in Metro Louisville, by walking over the Clark Memorial Bridge. Your options: take a cab or bus, catch a ride or take the day off.

Voter Guide 2007: first of three - Clip and Save!

This week LEO starts its gubernatorial coverage, which continues through May 9. We invited all 10 candidates to discuss issues, and eight accepted.Speaking of packages, this issue also includes our annual Nightlife Guide, with a fistful of drinking stories and a huge list of places to do it. Our German and Irish heritage have never shone brighter! Seriously, it’s good stuff. Cheers. —Cary Stemle

2007 Nightlife Guide Listings: Bar me!

2007 Nightlife GuideCOMPILED BY SARA HAVENS, CLAUDIA OLEA & NATHAN THACHER    We are lucky to have more than 365 established watering holes in the Greater Louisville area, all of which offer a place to escape — from work, from home, from mind. Life seems simpler with a beer in hand and a baseball game on screen. Peruse the list for your favorites, but don’t be afraid to seek out some uncharted territories. The Hitching Post in Highview, for example, is one bar I plan on exploring in the near future.

Nightlife 2007 - Dr. Aura is in the house: Does what you drink really affect your mood? LEO conducted an ‘official’

Does bourbon make you mean? Does vodka make you flirty? Does tequila really make your clothes fall off? LEO conducted a little experiment to get at the truth behind these age-old and quite possibly apocryphal beliefs about liquor and the human psyche. What we found wasn’t pretty — some stereotypes seemed to hold true, while others were exposed as blatantly false.

Rumor & Innuendo

Pledge of Allegiance. What in the name of Pudge Heffelfinger is going on? Well, it seems the new assertion of college football status is how many show up at the spring scrimmage? A tip o’ Bear’s houndstooth to the Crimson Tide. Bama fans totaled 92,000+, with thousands more partying in the parking lot. Which makes you wonder if O-H-I-O State fans really care? The horseshoe on the banks of the Olentangy was only two-thirds full. Tsk, tsk. U of L, to the continuing amazement of old-timers who used to have their choice of seats at Fairgrounds Stadium, is an up and comer, with 25,000+ in attendance last Friday.

West Louisville: Closed for business?

West Broadway: A sign in the window of Lee’s Famous Recipe, 21st and West Broadway, lists businesses that will be open during Derby weekend.

Nightlife 2007 - Neighborhoods


Nightlife 2007 - Keep America Beautiful: A celebration of real jukeboxes, B-sides and beer

It’s Sunday in the Highlands. The sad sound of Jerry Garcia’s pedal steel is floating around the speakers of the back room at the Outlook Inn as I sit pondering many things. Mostly I’m thinking about beer and why having a real jukebox matters.

Nightlife Guide - Around The World In 10 Beers (but mainly just Europe)

Tired of macro-brewed domestic beer that resembles fizzy urine? For once, then, take your weekend beer budget and put it to good use. Prepare for an adventure in beer snobbery as we tour some of the finest watering holes in the area in search of exotic beers from around the world.