Baby D's Bagels
$20 Worth of Food and Drink for Only $10

Nightlife 2007 - Dr. Aura is in the house: Does what you drink really affect your mood? LEO conducted an ‘official’

Does bourbon make you mean? Does vodka make you flirty? Does tequila really make your clothes fall off? LEO conducted a little experiment to get at the truth behind these age-old and quite possibly apocryphal beliefs about liquor and the human psyche. What we found wasn’t pretty — some stereotypes seemed to hold true, while others were exposed as blatantly false.

Nightlife 2007 - Does the import invasion mean farewell to ‘fizzy yellow beer’?

Jim Huie: Maido Essential Japanese Cuisine and Sake Bar owner Jim Huie nurtures his beer list almost as much as the menu. “I put beers in that I think have a lot of flavor,” he says.

Hose humpin’ and water dumpin’: LEO gets down and dirty with some Jefferson County firefighters

To say it was hot would be an understatement. In fact, if Paris Hilton had been sitting next to me, she would have melted into a puddle of plastic and silicon long before uttering the words.

Rumor & Innuendo

Pigskin head games. Think football isn’t a mind game? Spotted at the U of L football complex: A garbage can covered with Cardinal heads and slogans such as, “1st in the 4th” and “Fast and Physical.”Cardinal football side note signifying nothing. Apparently Coach Kragthorpe met radio color commentator Craig Swabek for the first time at pre-spring practice media day.

Rethinking legal graffiti: The Urban Experimental Art Project hasn’t gone as well as many hoped. Will the city pull the p

Pass by the legal graffiti wall at the I-65 underpass on East Market Street and you’re liable to see any number of brightly colored, intricately interwoven pieces of aerosol art — a sign, in many large cities, of the rather random beauty of the urban experience.

Nightlife Guide - Around The World In 10 Beers (but mainly just Europe)

Tired of macro-brewed domestic beer that resembles fizzy urine? For once, then, take your weekend beer budget and put it to good use. Prepare for an adventure in beer snobbery as we tour some of the finest watering holes in the area in search of exotic beers from around the world.

City Strobe

Death by a thousand blows?Another door closed last week on West Louisville’s potential to share in the city’s grab on Derby festivities, as the proprietor of the West Broadway Vendors Fair announced he’s canceling the six-year-old event.

God bless you, Mr. Vonnegut, And farewell

Kurt Vonnegut: Photo by Jason Yoder Truth always mattered to Kurt Vonnegut. “There’s only one rule I know of babies,” he wrote. “God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”It was snowing the April morning that we heard Kurt Vonnegut died. Bits of snow blew through the open buds of our redbud tree like lost commuters wondering, “What are we doing here?”

‘Sort of Like Nowhere’

It’s easy enough to discern that Louisville does have a musical past, but unless you experienced various periods directly, they tend to exist mostly in lore (and much of it tends to be apocryphal). Noise Pollution Records, and other interested parties, are doing their part to document our city’s early punk rockers. A compilation CD, featuring Louisville punk rock from 1978-83, is set for pre-Derby release, and several other projects are in the works.—Cary Stemle

City Strobe

It’s time to Step It Up, LouisvilleIt may surprise you to learn that here in Kentucky we get 95 percent of our electricity from coal-fired power plants. The state ranks third in the nation in coal production, accounting for roughly one-tenth of the output of the entire United States and a quarter of what’s mined east of the Mississippi River. Almost one-third of the coalmines in America can be found in the Bluegrass State.