Getting the picture

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, how many words are thousands of pictures worth? That math is too difficult for me, but it’s clear that starting this week, Louisville is getting the picture. With the confluence of Louisville’s Photo Biennial, a national conference of large format photographers and the blockbuster Eastman collection at the Speed Museum, we are overrun with images. And there is nothing negative about that. Jo Anne Triplett will tell you more, starting on page 12. —Cary Stemle

Rumor & Innuendo

The Scrappy & Pit Stop Show.With U of L up about a zillion to two with a couple of innings to play on Sunday, even the most nervous fans in the crowd felt comfortable knowing that a Cowboy three grand slam inning wouldn’t turn the tide. So the banter among the faithful was joyous and loosey-goosey. The fans in section 206 got a special treat. Cardinal catcher Derrick Alfonso’s young cousin, Logan “My Friends Call Me Scrappy” Paris, and his pal, who said he’s called “Pit Stop,” dazzled those around them by cracking open peanut shells on their foreheads. Like I said, intensity diminishes with an 18-run lead.It’s a Red & Black town.It’s easy to forget that one rarely saw anybody wearing U of L gear around town until the 1980 hoops title. In the years since, red has become the dominant color in many people’s wardrobe. Despite all the success through the years in hoops and recently in football, this past weekend confirms that U of L is now a major player on the collegiate sports scene. The men’s track team finished seventh in the NCAA championships. The baseball nine improbably slugged its way to the College World Series. To repeat the word heard most often over the weekend at the ballyard: Unbelievable.That rookie thing.First year Cardinal mentor Dan McDonnell is the first rookie head coach to make it to Omaha since 1980. Just another wicked good choice by AD of the Year Tom Jurich.

Clear and present danger: The Courier-Journal’s anti-8664 dogma gets the better of the facts.

The man is wearing work boots and jeans, with two feet planted before a car-sized color-coded map of downtown Louisville, staring intently while being swallowed by the high ceilings of the conference room at the Kentucky Convention Center. Streams of bright yellow and red cut through the depressed greens of trees, grays of streets and mud-brown of the Ohio River, offering a sense of weird urgency to a complicated, mildly confusing picture.

Magic and action: Starhawk aims to show people how to go beyond rumination

“Mother Earth transition team.” That is how Starhawk, one of the presenters at this weekend’s Earth Spirit Rising conference, describes our role in healing the planet and discovering our sacred connection to it.

Rumor & Innuendo

The Boobie Effect. That LeBron James broke 11 on the superduperüberstar meter ain’t the real NBA story. What was it, three games into his kindergarten season that observers called him the next Jordan? The inevitable happened in Game 5 of the Eastern Finals when he beat the formerly formidable Pistons fair and square one on five. Now, what Daniel “Boobie” Gibson did in the conference final clincher is another matter. The former Texas Hook-’Em-Horn went 5 for 5 from “downtown,” as our favorite lingerie-wearing sportscaster Marv Albert would say. There’s a story. And it proves again what a great assessor of talent, if not great coach, Rick Barnes happens to be.

Mud, blood and gonzo athleticism: Kentucky Fried Sevens tourney brings regional rugby teams to Louisville

faster and higher: Photo courtesy of Eric Raney Rugby is like American football, sans padding. This weekend, Louisville plays host to a “sevens” tourney, a faster and higher-scoring brand of rugby. In this photo, Louisville’s Tyson Lane moves up the field.Pat Johnson, known as “Fetch” to his teammates, yanks at tiny veins hanging like dark red seaweed from his arm and examines them with a yawn from behind a wrecked elbow. The wound is gaping, 4 inches long, and seeping blood onto his muddied rugby jersey and the floor of the bar. The bartender looks mightily chagrined but says nothing, for Fetch is not a man to be lightly chastised. The former International Rugby Union player and two-time Rugby World Cup competitor holds his elbow together with one scar-rippled hand while taking a long drag of beer with the other. Pulling the elbow up close for admiration, he suddenly spills out a grin only a rugger could love.

City Strobe

Speaking of SexThe Speaking of Sex Video Road Trip made a stop in Louisville last week to soak up some local culture and talk with the community about sexual health. The visit was a scheduled stop on the nationwide journey, part of the eponymous podcast series, a project sponsored by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

What a sham(e): With a new $27 million Creation Museum and a good media machine, AIG can spread bad information far and wide

The brand new Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky got a veritable Noah’s Ark worth of publicity before it opened on Memorial Day, with stories produced by numerous major newspapers and broadcast outlets. The broad outlines of this story are pretty clear. You either believe in creationism or you do not, and there is probably not much middle ground. I fall into the latter category, but I also thought I should visit the place before I really said anything. So I did. And now I know: It is ridiculous. Indefensible.

City Strobe

Tricky Mitch gets his very own billboardWhen an obviously sarcastic I-65 billboard appeared last week, co-starring Mitch McConnell and a light bulb, curious commuters must have wondered what it was all about.

All you need is love: An antiwar protester gets arrested during a Summer of Love redux. Excuse me?

What a long, strange week it’s been. Last Tuesday, someone brought us a photograph of an incident at the Abbey Road festival. Later we learned it dealt with the arrest of a protester. We dug into the story. Concurrently, we were preparing Q&A’s about this weekend’s Earth Spirit Rising conference, tales of hope amid fear and resignation. It seemed the respective stories were converging. Weird. We hope you take time to read it all, then to stop and think. It is difficult but possible.
—Cary Stemle